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Report to <br /> PiCKERING Executive Committee <br /> Report Number: CLK 03-17 <br /> Date: March 6, 2017 <br /> From: Paul Bigioni <br /> Director, Corporate Services & City Solicitor <br /> Subject: 2018 Municipal Election <br /> - Internet and Telephone Voting for the 2018 Municipal Election <br /> - File: A-2000 <br /> Recommendation: <br /> 1. That Report CLK received for information; and <br /> 2. That Council direct the City Clerk to implement an Internet/telephone Voting System for the <br /> 2018 Municipal Election. <br /> Executive Summary: The 2018 Municipal Election will take place on Monday, October 22, <br /> 2018. The Municipal Elections Act provides that the council of a Municipality may pass by-laws <br /> authorizing the use of alternative voting methods. Previously, the establishment of voting <br /> methods was completed by June of an election year, however, Bill 181 (the Municipal Elections <br /> Modernization Act) now, imposes a deadline of May 1, 2017 for the authorization of alternative <br /> voting methods for the 2018 election. Establishing the method of voting is the fundamental first <br /> step in planning for any municipal election. Additionally, given the numerous recent changes to the <br /> Municipal Elections Act, the City should allocate as much time as possible to ensure that we are <br /> adequately prepared for the 2018 Municipal Election. <br /> Financial Implications: The use of intemet/telephone voting reduces costs, as compared to <br /> traditional paper ballot voting, by reducing the number election workers, paper and supplies <br /> needed to conduct the election. Maintaining some polling locations on Election Day will <br /> unfortunately offset most of those cost savings. Cost savings will be realized, however, after <br /> several election cycles, when internet/telephone voting is expected to become more <br /> commonplace, and polling locations can be eliminated. The last municipal election cost the City <br /> approximately $200,000.00. For 2018, the introduction of intemet/telephone voting will not <br /> substantially change that cost. The approximate cost to run an internet/telephone election is <br /> $200,000.00. <br /> Discussion: This report details internet/telephone voting as an option for the City of <br /> Pickering for the 2018 Municipal Election. During the 2010 Municipal Election, there was an <br /> increase in the number of Ontario municipalities implementing Internet voting. Following the 2010 <br /> election, the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasures of Ontario sent out a <br />