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<br />THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF PICKERING <br /> <br />BY-lAW NO. 6711/06 <br /> <br />Being a by-law to prohibit graffiti <br /> <br />WHEREAS Section 128 of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c. 25 provides that a local <br />municipality may prohibit and regulate with respect to public nuisances, including <br />matters that, in the opinion of Council are or could become or cause public nuisances; <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS the opinion of Council of the City of Pickering is that graffiti is a public <br />nuisance. <br /> <br />NOW THEREFORE THE COUNCil OF THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF <br />PICKERING ENACTS AS FOllOWS: <br /> <br />Definitions <br /> <br />1. In this by-law, <br /> <br />(a) "art mural" means a mural that has been made for the purpose of <br />beautifying specific property; <br /> <br />(b) "City" means the Corporation of the City of Pickering; <br /> <br />(c) "Council" means the Council of the City; <br /> <br />(d) "graffiti" means one or more letters, symbols, numbers, etchings, <br />inscriptions, pictorial representations, or other markings that disfigure or <br />deface property howsoever made on or otherwise affixed to the property, <br />but does not include, <br /> <br />(i) a sign authorized by the City's Sign By-law; <br /> <br />(ii) a public notice authorized by law; <br /> <br />(ii) a traffic control mark authorized by law; or <br /> <br />(iii) an art mural approved by the City in accordance with section 6; <br /> <br />(e) "interior space" means any space that is not visible from a highway or <br />other public place; <br /> <br />(f) "officer" means a City employee whose duties include the enforcement of <br />this by-law; <br />