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THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF PICKERING <br />BY-LAW NO. <br />6604/0~Being a by-law to regulate traffic <br />and parking on highways, private <br />property and municipal property within the <br />City of Pickering.WHEREAS pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Highway Traffic Act, by-laws may be passed by the councils of municipalities to regulate traffic andparkingonhighways, private <br />property and municipal property.NOW THEREFORE THE COUNCIL OF THE CORPORATION OFTHECITYOFPICKERING <br />HEREBY <br />ENACTS AS FOLLOWS:INTERPRETATION <br />1. In this by-law,a)authorized sign" means a sign or other device placed <br />or erected on a highway or elsewhere pursuant to the provisions of this <br />by-law and includes official signs;b)boulevard" means all parts of a <br />highway <br />except any roadway, shoulder or sidewalk;c) "City" means the <br />Corporation of the City ofPickering;d)Director" means the City's Director <br />of <br />Operations & Emergency Services or a designate;e)driveway" means improved land on <br />a highway which provides vehicular access from a roadway to a laneway or <br />a parking area on adjacent land;f) "emergency vehicle" has the same meaning as <br />in section 144 of the HTA;g)highway" has the same meaning as in subsection 1 ( <br />1) of the HTA and <br />includes unopened and unassumed road allowances;h)HTA" meansthe Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, <br />c. H.8 <br />and any regulations passed under it;i)holiday" has thesame meaning as in subsection <br />29(1) of the InterpretationAct,R. <br />S.O. 1990, c.1.11;laneway" means improved land adjacent <br />to a highway which provides access from the highway to adjacent property <br />and includes routes constructed for the purposes of providing site <br />access for emergency vehicles, <br />maintenance vehicles,pedestrians and/or stormwater management;k) "municipal property" means property of the <br />City or any board of the City;parking space" means that part of <br />the surface of a roadway, municipal property or private property designated by painted <br />lines <br />for the purpose of parking a vehicle;m)pedestrian" means a person on foot or an <br />invalid, child or other person <br />in a wheeled chair or baby carriage;n)shoulder" means that part of <br />a highway immediately adjacent to the travelled portion of the roadway and having <br />a surface that has been improved with asphalt, concrete or <br />gravel for the use of vehicles; and o)sidewalk" means that part of a highway set <br />aside for the use of pedestrians or used by the <br />general public for the passage of pedestrians.Unless the term is otherwise defined in this by- <br />law, terms defined in subsection 1 (1) of the HTA shall have