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The Corporation of the City of Pickering <br /> By-law No. 7595/17 <br /> Being a By-law Regarding Development Charges <br /> Whereas pursuant to subsection 2(1) of the Development Charges Act, 1997 (the Act), <br /> the council of a municipality may by by-law impose development charges against land to <br /> pay for increased capital costs required due to increased needs for servicing arising from <br /> development of the area to which the By-law applies; <br /> Whereas the Council of The Corporation of the City of Pickering approved the City of <br /> Pickering Development Charge Background Study, dated October 5, 2017, as amended, <br /> prepared by Watson &Associates Economists Ltd.; <br /> Whereas the Council has made the.Background Study and proposed Development <br /> Charges By-law available to the public at least sixty days prior to by-law passage and <br /> two weeks prior to the public meeting and has given notice in accordance with Section <br /> 12 of the Act of its development charges proposal and a public meeting was held on <br /> November 6, 2017; <br /> Whereas the Council has heard all persons who applied to be heard in objection to, or <br /> ` in support of, the proposed Development Charge By-law at such public meeting, and <br /> �a.✓ provided a subsequent period for written communications tobe made; <br /> Whereas the Council in adopting the Development Charge Background Study directed <br /> • that development charges be imposed on land under development or redevelopment <br /> within the geographical limits of the municipality as hereinafter provided. <br /> Now therefore the Council of The Corporation of the City of Pickering hereby enacts as <br /> follows: <br /> Parti <br /> Application <br /> 1. (1) Subject to subsection.(2), this By-law applies to all lands whether or not the <br /> land or use is exempt from taxation under Section 3 of the Assessment Act. <br /> (2) This By-law shall not apply to land that is owned by and used for the purposes of, <br /> (a) a board of education as defined under subsection 1(1) of the Education <br /> Act <br /> (b) any municipality or..local board thereof; <br />