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CD ° Council Meeting Minutes <br />P 1 CKERING, October 10, 2017 <br />7:00 rn - Council Chambers . <br />Present: <br />Mayor .Ryan <br />Councillors: <br />K. Ashe <br />M. Brenner' <br />S. Butt <br />I. Cumming <br />B. McLean <br />D. Pickles <br />Also Present: <br />T. Prevedel Chief Administrative Officer <br />P. Bigioni - Director, Corporate Services & City Solicitor <br />M. Carpino' - Director, Community Services <br />J. Hagg Fire Chief <br />R. Holbom - Director,. Engineering Services <br />S. Karwowski - Director, Finance & Treasurer <br />C: Rose Chief Planner <br />D. Shields -City Clerk <br />C. Hodge - Senior Coordinator, Business Development & Marketing <br />F. Jadoon - Manager, Economic Development & Strategic Projects <br />L. Harker -Deputy Clerk <br />(1) Invocation <br />Mayor Ryan called the meeting -to order and led Council in the saying of the Invocation. <br />(II) Disclosure of Interest <br />There were no disclosures of interest noted. <br />'(III) Adoption of Minutes <br />Resolution, #351/17 <br />Moved by Councillor McLean <br />Seconded by Councillor Brenner <br />In, Camera Council Minutes, September 11, 2017 <br />Council Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2017 <br />1 <br />