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The Corporation of the City of Pickering <br /> By-law No. 7579/17 <br /> Being a by-law to provide for the registration of <br /> two-dwelling unit properties in the City of Pickering. <br /> Whereas Section 16(3) of the Planning Act, S.O., 1990, c. P.13, as amended, requires <br /> municipalities to implement official plan policies authorizing the use of second <br /> residential units; <br /> And Whereas Section 35.1(1) of the Planning Act, S.O., 1990, c. P.13, as amended, <br /> requires that by-laws passed under section 34 give effect to the policies described in <br /> subsection 16(3) of that Act; <br /> And Whereas Section 8(1) of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c. 25, as amended, <br /> (Municipal Act, 2001) provides that the powers of a municipality under any Act shall be <br /> interpreted broadly so as to confer broad authority on municipalities to enable them to <br /> govern their affairs as they consider appropriate, and to enhance their ability to respond <br /> to municipal issues; <br /> And Whereas Section 11(2) (6) of the Municipal Act, 2001, authorizes municipalities to <br /> pass by-laws respecting the health, safety and well-being of persons and the protection <br /> of persons and property; <br /> And Whereas the Council of the Corporation of the City of Pickering considers it <br /> important to enact a by-law to require the registration of second residential units in the <br /> City of Pickering in order to protect persons, property and the health, safety and well- <br /> being of Pickering residents; <br /> Now therefore the Council of The Corporation of the City of Pickering hereby enacts as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. Definitions <br /> In this By-law, <br /> (1) "Accessory" means a use or building naturally or normally incidental to, <br /> subordinate to or exclusively devoted to a principal use or building and <br /> located on the same lot as the principal use or building; <br /> (2) "Applicant" means a person who applies for registration of a two-dwelling <br /> unit property and includes any person authorized in writing by an owner to <br /> apply for a two-dwelling unit property registration certificate on the owner's <br /> behalf; <br />