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O Planning & Development <br /> _ <br /> �- Committee Meeting Minutes <br /> V��� �h� Monday, October 5, 2015 <br /> 7:00 pm — Council Chambers <br /> Chair: Councillor Pickles <br /> Present: <br /> Mayor Ryan <br /> Councillors: <br /> K. Ashe <br /> I. Cumming <br /> R. Johnson <br /> B. McLean • <br /> D. Pickles <br /> Absent: <br /> J. O'Connell <br /> Also Present: <br /> T. Prevedel - Chief Administrative Officer <br /> P. Bigioni - Director, Corporate Services & City Solicitor <br /> G. McGregor- (Acting) Director, City Development <br /> C. Rose - Chief Planner <br /> D. Shields - City Clerk <br /> J. Brooks - Manager, Policy & Geomatics <br /> N. Surti - Manager, Development Review & Urban Design <br /> R. Pym - Principal Planner,Strategic Initiatives <br /> L. Paray - Planner <br /> L. Roberts - Committee Coordinator <br /> (I) Disclosure of Interest <br /> No disclosures of interest were noted. <br /> (II) Part `A' Information Reports <br /> Nilesh Surti, Manager, Development Review & Urban Design, gave an outline of <br /> the requirements for a Statutory Meeting under the Planning Act. He outlined the <br /> notification process procedures and also noted that if a person or public body does <br /> not make oral or written submissions to the City before the by-law is passed, that <br /> person or public body are not entitled to appeal the decision of City Council to the <br /> Ontario Municipal Board, and may not be entitled to be added as a party to the <br /> hearing unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so. <br />