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� <br />„ � <br />,,,,.� <br />;���'���� <br />_ �_ <br />.� � 1\ <br />Present: <br />Mayor Ryan <br />Councillors: <br />K. Ashe <br />I. Cumming <br />R. Johnson <br />B. McLean <br />J. O'Connell <br />D. Pickles <br />Also Present: <br />T <br />P <br />T <br />C <br />D <br />N <br />L. <br />��) <br />Prevedel <br />Bigioni <br />Melymuk <br />Rose <br />Shields <br />Surti <br />Roberts <br />�'lanning & Development <br />Committee Meeting Illlinutes <br />Monday, July 6, 2015 <br />7:00 pm — Council Chambers <br />Chair: Councillor Ashe <br />- Chief Administratiue Officer <br />- Director, Corporate Services & City Solicitor <br />- Director, City Development <br />- Chief Planner <br />- City Clerk <br />- Manager, Development Review & Urban Design <br />- Committee Coordinator <br />Disclosure of Interest <br />No disclosures of interest were noted. <br />(II) Part `A' Planning & Development Reports <br />1. Director, City Development, Report PLN 07-15 <br />Zoning By-law Amendment Application A 6/14 <br />N. Niazi <br />Part of Lot 6, Plan 489 <br />(1144 Kingston Road) <br />Robert Trousdale, 7413 Ashburn Road, Whitby, appeared before the Committee on <br />behalf of the applicant. He noted he was in attendance to respond to any <br />questions. � <br />Recommendation <br />Moved by Councillor Pickles <br />Seconded by Councillor Johnson <br />1 <br />