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Report to <br />Planning & Development Committee <br />Report Number: PLN 28-21 Date: June 7, 2021 <br />From: Kyle Bentley Director, City Development & CBO <br />Subject: Pickering Housing Strategy Study <br />-Status Update, Phase 2-File: D-1300-014 <br />Recommendation: <br />1.That Report PLN 28-21 of the Director, City Development & CBO, providing an update onthe status of the City of Pickering Housing Strategy Study, be received for information. <br />Executive Summary: Council directed staff to undertake a Housing Strategy Study that will result in a comprehensive strategy and action plan that addresses the need for delivering more lifecycle housing options, including affordable and accessible units, to support changing demographic conditions. Details of the purpose and objectives of the Housing Strategy Study can be found in the June 15, 2020 Report PLN 05-20 to the Planning & Development <br />Committee. An update on the Study was provided in the March 1, 2021 Report PLN 11-21. <br />The Study is currently in Phase 2.This report presents an update on the Study and the Draft Action Plan. Next steps include circulating the Draft Housing Strategy and Action Plan to internal departments, agencies and interested stakeholders for review and comment, and the <br />preparation of a Recommended Housing Strategy and Action Plan for presentation to the <br />Planning & Development Committee in the Fall of 2021. <br />Financial Implications: There are no financial implications applicable to this report. <br />Discussion: <br />1.Purpose <br />The purpose of this report is to update Council on staff’s progress on the Housing <br />Strategy Study, and to present the Draft Action Plan to Planning & DevelopmentCommittee. <br />2.Background <br />2.1 Study Initiation <br />On June 15, 2020, following the consideration of Report PLN 05-20, Council directed <br />City Development staff to undertake a comprehensive Housing Strategy Study. A link to Report PLN 05-20 is available on the Housing Strategy Study page of the City’s website.