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Calf 4 <br />PICKERING <br />City Procedure <br />Procedure Title: <br />Special Occasion Permits — Public Events of Municipal Significance <br />Procedure Number: <br />ADM 180-001 <br />Reference: <br />Liquor Licence Act <br />Date Originated: <br />August 23, 2012 <br />Date Revised: <br />Approval: Chief A4 inistra ' e Officer <br />/11 <br />r/ I, <br />Point of Contact: City Clerk <br />Procedure Objective <br />To set guidelines for deeming events to be of municipal significance for the purpose of <br />applying for an Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Special Occasion Permit <br />(SOP). <br />As of June 1, 2011 there have been changes to Regulation 389/91 under the Liquor Licence <br />Act pertaining to the Special Occasion Permit program. A new type of special occasion — <br />"Public Event" — replaces three types of special occasions (Fundraisers, Significant Event, <br />Community Event) for which a Special Occasion Permit may be issued. A Public Event is <br />one which is conducted by a registered charity or not for profit entity or an event of municipal, <br />provincial, national or international significance. In order to be eligible for a Special Occasion <br />Permit, Public Events which are not conducted by a registered charity or not for profit entity <br />must be designated as an event of municipal significance by the municipality in which the <br />event is to take place. <br />01 Procedures <br />01.01 Applicants, who wish to request that the City of Pickering deem their event to be <br />of municipal significance, must submit a written letter to the City Clerk with the <br />following information: <br />• Organization's name <br />• Address <br />• Contact person <br />• Date of the event <br />• Reason in which the Organization believes their event should be deemed <br />"significant". <br />