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Cif Report To <br />_ Executive Committee <br />PICKERING Report Number: OES 04-10 <br />48 Date: April 12, 2010 <br />From: Everett Buntsma <br />Director, Operations & Emergency Services <br />Subject: Frenchman's Bay Stormwater Management Master Plan <br />- Final Report <br />- File: A-1440-001-10 <br />Recommendation: <br />1. That Report OES 04-10 of the Director, Operations & Emergency Services <br />concerning the Frenchman's Bay Stormwater Management Master Plan be <br />received; <br />2. That Council endorse the Frenchman's Bay Stormwater Management Master <br />Plan (April 2009); and <br />3. That Staff be authorized to implement the recommendations within the Master <br />Plan subject to budget and further Council approval for individual projects, and <br />report back to Council on an annual basis to provide a status update on the <br />progress of the implementation and results from monitoring activities. <br />Executive Summary: This Report provides an update on the completion of the <br />Frenchman's Bay Stormwater Management Master Plan (FBSWMMP). It is <br />recommended that the final FBSWMMP report be endorsed by Council and approval be <br />given to implement the Master Plan. The Master Plan provides a comprehensive <br />strategic direction towards implementing the necessary projects, programs and policies, <br />in order to achieve the overall goal of controlling the quantity and quality of stormwater <br />runoff entering the Frenchman's Bay watershed which is necessary for the restoration <br />and enhancement of the ecological functions of the Bay. <br />Financial Implications: Council endorsement ofthe FBSWMMP is a commitment in <br />principle to the recommended suite of projects, programs and policies designed to <br />address issues related to flooding, erosion and poor water quality in Frenchman's Bay <br />and its' tributary watersheds. However, each project or program with a financial <br />implication will need to be recommended and approved in future capital or current <br />budgets in order to be implemented. The Master Plan identifies $53.8 million worth of <br />projects, programs and monitoring which have been estimated in today's dollars but <br />span a period of 25 years. The cost estimates do not include land acquisition or <br />ongoing maintenance and operations costs. Opportunities for various external funding <br />sources will be reviewed and acted upon by staff throughout the life of the Master Plan. <br />