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<br /> <br /> <br /> Sign By-law No. 6999/09 Page 2 <br /> <br /> Definitions <br /> 2. In this by-law, <br /> <br /> "area", as it relates to a sign, means the area of the sign facing in one direction; <br /> <br /> "applicant" means an owner, or any person authorized by an owner, who applies <br /> for a permit, licence or variance; <br /> <br /> "banner" means a temporary sign of lightweight fabric, plastic or similar material; <br /> <br /> "billboard" means a sign that is fastened, posted, painted or projected in such a <br /> manner as to permit its periodic replacement and that advertises goods, products <br /> or services that are not available at the location of the sign or that directs a <br /> person to a location different from where the sign is located; <br /> "boulevard" means all parts of a highway except the roadway, shoulder and <br /> sidewalk; <br /> <br /> "Chief Building Official" means the City's Chief Building Official or a designate; <br /> <br /> "City" means The Corporation of the City of Pickering or the geographical area of <br /> Pickering, as the context requires; <br /> <br /> "City Clerk" means the Clerk of the City or a designate; <br /> <br /> "erect" includes display, attach, affix, post, alter, construct, place, locate, install, <br /> relocate and maintain, and cause or permit to be displayed, attached, affixed, <br /> posted, altered, constructed, placed, located, installed, relocated and maintained; <br /> <br /> "first storey" has the same meaning as in the building code; <br /> "height", as it relates to a sign, means the vertical distance from the ground to the <br /> highest point of the sign; <br /> <br /> "heritage conservation district" means a heritage conservation district designated <br /> under the Ontario Heritage Act; <br /> <br /> "heritage property means property that has been designated under the Ontario <br /> Heritage Act to be of cultural heritage value or interest or a property on the City's <br /> registry of properties that the City believes to be of cultural heritage value or <br /> interest; <br /> <br /> "highway" has the same meaning as in subsection 1(1) of the Highway Traffic Act <br /> and includes unopened and unassumed road allowances; <br /> <br /> "inflatable sign" means a temporary sign filled by air or other gas that is either <br /> designed to be airborne or tethered to the ground, a vehicle, a roof or any other <br /> structure and includes balloons; <br />