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Citq o0 <br />PICKERING <br />City Procedure <br />Procedure Title: Accessibility Standards for Customer Service <br />Procedure Number <br />ADM 090-001 <br />Reference <br />Accessibility for Ontarians with <br />Disabilities Act, 2005 <br />Council Resolution 22/09 <br />Accessibility Policy <br />Date Originated (m/d/y) <br />December 2008 <br />Date Revised (m/d/y) <br />April 2014 <br />January 2015 <br />Pages <br />9 <br />Approval: Chief Ad istrafv <br />fficer <br />Point of Contact <br />Division Head, City Administration <br />Procedure Objective <br />This outlines the corporate procedure with respect to the establishment of accessibility <br />standards for customer service in accordance with Ontario Regulation 429/07 created under the <br />Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). <br />Index <br />01 Definitions <br />02 General <br />03 Scope and Responsibilities <br />04 Customer Service Policies, Practices and Procedures <br />05 Communication <br />06 Notice of Temporary Disruption <br />07 Service Animals <br />08 Support Persons <br />09 Assistive Devices <br />10 Training <br />11 Feedback <br />12 Emergency Preparedness <br />