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City Policy <br />Policy Title: Corporate Protocols <br />Policy Number <br />ADM 110 <br />Reference: Res. #240/14 <br />Date Originated (mIdly) <br />05/20/2014 <br />Date Revised (m/d/y) <br />Pages <br />2 <br />Approval: Chief A. finis <br />Policy Objective <br />ive Officer <br />Point of Contact <br />Division Head, City Administration <br />The purpose of this policy is to outline and establish protocol guidelines that will ensure events, <br />presentations, programs and services will benefit, promote and celebrate the City in a positive <br />manner. Participation in protocol events, presentations, programs and services which have a <br />significant public profile will be implemented according to accepted standards of protocol. <br />Index <br />01 Definitions <br />02 Procedures <br />01 Definitions <br />01.01 Protocol — Means both written and unwritten conventions, etiquette and/or rules <br />of interaction and communication between Council, Administration, Dignitaries, <br />Organizations and the Public. <br />01.02 Protocol Event — A City event of significant public profile, requiring official <br />participation by the City, external dignitaries, organizations and the public. <br />02 Procedures <br />a) The City formally adopts and creates Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures <br />to put in place guidelines regarding Corporate protocols to ensure protocol events, <br />activities and presentations, are carried out in a professional manner; <br />b) support Council sanctioned twinning activities to ensure they further promote stronger <br />ties and goodwill between the City and its official twin cities; <br />