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01.02 Applications must be submitted 45 days prior to the date of the event if <br />estimated attendance at the event is fewer than 5,000 people per day and 75 <br />days prior to the event if estimated attendance at the event is 5,000 or more <br />people per day. These timelines allow the City sufficient time to circulate the <br />request to the appropriate departments and for the applicants to meet AGCO <br />timelines. <br />01.03 All submissions for requesting the Municipality to approve an event as <br />"municipally significant" must follow all of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission <br />guidelines and any additional guidelines required by the Municipality. <br />01.04 Changes to permit areas or the event after the permit is issued (such as a <br />change in location, a change in date, event type, etc.), the permit holder must <br />notify the Municipality and the AGCO immediately and apply for a new permit. <br />02 Event Designation <br />02.01 What is a Public Event <br />A Public Event Special Occasion Permit as defined in the Alcohol and Gaming <br />Commission guidelines can be issued to: <br />• A registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada); <br />• To a non-profit organization or association organized to promote <br />charitable, educational, religious or community objects; <br />• For an event of provincial, national or international significance; or <br />• For an event designated by a municipal council as an event of municipal <br />significance. <br />02.02 An event of municipal significance requires a municipal resolution or a letter <br />from a delegated municipal official designating the event as "municipal <br />significant. <br />02.03 The City of Pickering Council or delegate may designate the following events as <br />a "significant" event in order for applicants to apply for an AGCO Special <br />Occasion Permit: <br />• Events that benefit the entire community and are of significant <br />community profile; or <br />Procedure Title: Special Occasion Permits Page 2 of 3 <br />Procedure Number: ADM 180-001 <br />