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<br />Boulevard By-Law No. 6831/08 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />"- <br /> <br />(i) <br /> <br />"owner" the person identified in the most recent tax roll as the owner of <br />any property; <br /> <br />U) "person" includes a corporation and the heirs, executors, administrators or <br />other legal representatives of a person to whom the context can apply <br />according to law; <br /> <br />(k) "plantings" means vegetation of any kind including hedges, shrubs and <br />flowers, but does not include trees; <br /> <br />(I) "property" means any land, including the buildings and structures on the <br />land; <br /> <br />(n) <br /> <br />(m) "refuse or debris" includes garbage or rubbish of any kind and, without <br />limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes a vehicle that appears by <br />reason of its appearance, mechanical condition or lack of current licence <br />plates to be inoperative, inoperative mechanical equipment, automotive <br />and mechanical parts, appliances, furnaces, heater or fuel tanks, disused <br />furniture, table waste, paper, cartons, crockery, glassware, cans, garden <br />refuse, earth or rock fill, old or decayed lumber, material from construction <br />or demolition projects, and old clothing; and <br /> <br />"utility" includes underground pipes, wires and conduits utility poles, light <br />standards and overhead wires, water shut off valves and hydrants, road <br />pavements, curbs and drainage ditches. <br /> <br />.......... <br /> <br />References to Legislation <br /> <br />2. In this by-law, reference to any Act, regulation or by-law is reference to that Act, <br />regulation or by-law as it is amended or re-enacted from time to time. <br /> <br />Word Usage <br /> <br />3. This by-law shall be read with all changes in gender or number as the context <br />may require. <br /> <br />4. A grammatical variation of a word or expression defined has a corresponding <br />meaning. <br /> <br />Construction <br /> <br />5. Schedule "A" (TREES) and Schedules "B 1" and "B2" (FEES) are attached to and <br />form part of this by-law. <br /> <br />6. Unless otherwise specified, references in this by-law to Parts, sections and <br />schedules are to Parts, sections and schedules in this by-law. <br /> <br />.......... <br />