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THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF PICKERING <br /> <br />BY-LAW NUMBER 2344/86 <br /> <br />Being a by-law to establish a Local Architectural <br />Conservation Advisory Committee <br /> <br />Whereas pursuant to the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1980, c. 337, as <br />amended, the council of a municipality may, by by-law, establish a local <br />advisory committee to be known as the Local Architectural Conservation <br />Advisory Committee {LACAC) to advise and assist council on all matters <br />relating to Parts IV and V of the said Act; <br /> <br />Now Therefore the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Pickering <br />hereby enacts as follows: <br /> <br />A local advisory committee to be known as the Local Architectural <br />Conservation Advisory Committee is hereby established. <br /> <br />2. The local advisory committee shall consist of a minimum of five <br /> members. <br /> <br />The council may, by by-law, replace members as terms of membership <br />expire or appoint from time to time such new members as it deems <br />desirable. <br /> <br />4. The local advisory committee shall, at its first meeting of each <br /> term, elect a Chairman from its membership. <br /> <br />The terms of reference of the local advisory committee shall be as <br />follows: <br /> <br />a) To establish criteria for the evaluation of properties of <br /> architectural or historical value or interest; <br /> <br />b) To prepare and maintain a list of properties and areas <br /> worthy of conservation; <br /> <br />c) <br /> <br />To advise Council on means of conserving heritage properties <br />and areas; <br /> <br />To advise Council on current heritage conservation <br />legislation and to assist Council in the preparation of <br />municipal legislation to conserve heritage properties and <br />areas; <br /> <br />e) To advise Council on programmes and activities to increase <br /> public awareness and knowledge of heritage conservation <br /> issues; <br /> <br />f) To advise and assist Council on all matters relating to <br /> Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act; <br /> <br />To advise and assist Council on any matters relating to <br />buildings and areas of architectural and historical <br />significance; <br /> <br /> <br />