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Around Bay Ridges' <br />by Pat Lloyd <br />GAY LADIES BOWLING LEAGUE <br />Team Standings: Dolly's Folleys 14 pts; The Damn "2" Pins <br />12; The Five Pickers 10; The Lobo's 10; The Aces 9; The Pin <br />Ups 7; The Spinners 7; Die Hards 5; Hell's Belles 4; Un- <br />touchables 2; Happy Hookers 2; The Misses 2. <br />Top Ten Averages: Gail Scott 202; Dolly Clements 194; <br />Jeanne Potts 189; Hwlen Milroy 186; Doreen Mackey 185; Pat <br />Lloyd 181; Jan Anderson 179; Lou Hillis 174; Janette Tasse <br />173; Rose Fitzgerald 173. <br />OVER "300" FLAT - Dolly Clements 367 - 266 - 218 - 851 Triple <br />OVER "200" FLAT — Phyliss Douglas 208; Marg Ritter 224 & <br />205; Gabrielle Muller 223; Jeanne Potts 242; Lou Hillis 231; <br />Dee Hesketh 213; Rose Fitzgerald 206; Myrtle McInnes 212; <br />Jan Anderson 249; Gennie Booth 200; Bea Taylor 205; Verna <br />McPherson 208 & 221; Gail Scott 239 , 234 & 22o; Dianne <br />Rooney 216; Bea Wilson 248 <br />Well the 3rd series is off to a good start and there are still <br />four teams in our Hi -Lo Doubles Tournament. Nice triple <br />rolled by Dolly Clements this week, an 851 with a 367 single. <br />Way to go Dolly. Also our Pres. Gail Scott rolled a nice M. <br />Pickering High School News <br />by Linda Woolger <br />Pickering High held its description. Judging took <br />Winter Carnival last Wed- place at two oclock along <br />n esday, Thursday and with such varied activities as <br />Friday, and what a week it a Candy Hunt, the "Dating <br />was! Game, Tug of War, judging <br />Tuesday morning began of the Beard Growing <br />with nominations for Snow Contest, plus Square Dan - <br />Queen and Snow King. On cing in the Old Gym. In the <br />Wednesday morning the New Gym there was a <br />votes were cast, and at 2 showing of 'The Candidate" <br />p.m. Sandy Stringer was starring Robert Redford, <br />crowned Snow Queen and while in the park there was <br />given a bouquet of roses free skating. Hot chocolate <br />(plus a kiss from the and chili were served to the <br />Students' Council weary skaters. <br />President). Danny Catto Friday was dressup day, <br />reigned with her as King. and it was then that a real, <br />Next came the Airplane live gorilla was to be seen <br />Flying Conlest, at which walking the halls and going <br />time about So people laun- to classes. <br />ched their paper airplanes The we was topped off <br />from the stage of the old <br />gym. Paul Barr, winner of <br />first prize, also won second <br />prize. Paul is now the proud <br />owner of two Pickering High <br />School T-shirts. <br />At this same time, silent <br />movies were being shown, <br />and a tricycle race involving <br />the teachers was taking <br />place throughout the school <br />Thursday was the day of the <br />Tie Contest, and a large <br />percentage of the school <br />wore ties of every <br />EVENINGS ONLY <br />D.... H.114- J.. V ..So <br />MIDNIGHT COWBOY 9:20 <br />AOOeO ATTRACTION <br />G*0'90 Sp.I <br />WHERE'S POPPA 7:45 <br />Sot. 6 Sun. Motin�Is <br />1:30 p.m. Roddy McDowall <br />In LASSIE COME HOME - <br />•rry Thomas In TOM TMUM <br />with a hockey game. The <br />grade 13 girls, otherwise <br />known as the Mean Thirteen <br />Machine. pitted their skill <br />against the lady teachers in <br />a well attended game at 2:15. <br />The students' team. con, <br />prised of Bungling Ben, <br />Dangerous Dickens. Murray <br />the Masher, Evil Eye <br />Byberg and others, played <br />extremely well. but they <br />were no match for Nails <br />Neelands. Speedy Steeves. <br />Boomer Bacon and Jumping <br />i oyce, who had to cheat a <br />little and put two men <br />teachers on their team. With <br />the help of Mr. Derrington <br />and Mr. Drake, the teachers <br />scored six goals, whereas the <br />Mean Thirteen Machine <br />didn't score any. However, <br />both teams had a lot of fun, <br />and it was an excellent way <br />to end off the week. <br />Until next time -- <br />remember! Keep Smiling! It <br />makes people wonder what <br />you've been up to. <br />Ajax <br />Kinsmen <br />The Ajax Kinsmen held <br />their regular bi-monthly <br />meeting last week. It was <br />also Past Presidents Night. <br />Some of the Past Presidents <br />in attendance were as <br />follows: Henry Polak (Past <br />Deputy District Secretary), <br />Vic Ames, Wally Henwood, <br />Joe Galloway, Howard <br />Goddard, Roly Miller, Doug <br />Menzie, Wally Johnson, <br />Brian Hilker. <br />The Ajax Kinsmen Hockey <br />Club will play in the Sutton <br />Kinsmen tournament. <br />A tie auction amongst the <br />members raised $30. Sgt. at <br />Arms was Jim Witty <br />collecting the monies. <br />The Moustache Growing <br />Contest got underway with <br />alm&st too Ajax people <br />commencing to grow <br />moustaches which will be <br />judged on Ajax Home <br />Weekend June 14-15-16. Some <br />of the people growing <br />moustaches include Ajax <br />:Mayor Clark Mason and <br />Councillor Colin Mackie. <br />Our dance on Saturday night was a great success. Thanks go <br />to all our bowlers who supported it and brought their friends. <br />If you were not there, you missed a good night of dancing to <br />the music of Gerry Wood, who, by the way, has been our MC <br />for eight years now and is just as great as ever. He even got <br />on the dance floor himself and showed us a new dance called <br />the Slosh. <br />We raffled off a hot tray and this was won by Frank <br />Waterfall. Also our thanks to our bartender Ken and his <br />lovely wife Gail who was our ticket seller. We couldn't do <br />without you. All that dancing must have made everyone <br />hungry because the sandwiches disappeared so fast you <br />would think everyone hadn't eaten in a month. Our thanks to <br />the executive who worked so hard to make this a success with <br />special thanks to Irene and Doreen. And last but not least, <br />thanks to the girls who donated sandwiches & pickles. <br />NEW BABY <br />Congratulalions go to Jack and Georgette McCoy of Squires <br />Beach who became grandparents of a new baby girl this past <br />week. This is grandchild number four. Great-grandmother <br />McCoy is down from Ottawa to help out while new baby was <br />arriving. She is keeping brother Jason occupied. <br />1st BAY RIDGES GROUP COMMITTEE <br />The Committee wishes to thank all those who attended their <br />dance at Sheridan Mall on Feb. 9th and helped to make it <br />such a success. The money made on this dance is being used <br />to buy new tents for the Cubs and Scouts. I am sure they will <br />all appreciate them. <br />GET WELL <br />Get well wishes to Suzanne Sekulich of Hewson Dr. Sorry <br />you missed our dance. Suzanne, and to Helen Manley of Zator <br />Ave. who is recuperating from surgery in Toronto Western <br />Hospital. Hope it won't be long until you are home. <br />VISITORS <br />Mr. and Mrs. Ted. Allender from New Brunswick are <br />spending a few days with his sister Mary Horton of Rosebank <br />Rd. N. They will be visiting his father who is in Hillcrest <br />Hospital recovering from a broken leg and also his Mother <br />who is a patient at Rosebank !Nursing Home. <br />Visiting Mrs. Manley of Zator are her Daughter-in-law and <br />grandson Scott. They are from Fort Lauderdale. Florida, and <br />young Scott is anxiously awaiting some snow as this would be <br />a first for him. They are both looking forward to Mrs. Manley <br />coming home from the hospital. <br />HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES <br />Birthday wishes go to Larry Mackey of Breda Ave. and to <br />Barbara Higginson of Liverpool Rd. N. <br />Durham Drama Festival <br />The seventh annual County <br />Drama Festival, now to be <br />known as the Durham <br />Region Drama Festival, will <br />be held at G.L. Roberts <br />Collegiate, Oshawa, from <br />Thurs., Feb. 29th to Sat., <br />March 2nd. <br />Ten plays have been en- <br />tered in competition this <br />year, and the winning play <br />will be invited to appear in <br />the regional competition of <br />Stimpson -Sears Ontario <br />Collegiate Drama Festival <br />at the Guildhall in Peter- <br />borough on Saturday. April <br />6. <br />The Festival will be ad- <br />judicated by Mrs. Norah <br />Morgan. instructor in drama <br />at Niagara College of Ap- <br />plied Arts and Technology. <br />In addition to selecting the <br />"Best Play" in Festival, <br />Mrs. Morgan will present <br />four awards for "Out <br />standing Performance", a <br />special "Adjudicator's <br />Award". and several "Merit <br />Awards" All awards are <br />made available through the <br />courtesy of Simpsons- Sears. <br />Festival sessions begin at a <br />p.m. each evening, and also <br />at 2 p.m. on Sat., March 2nd. <br />Tickets, priced at 50t. will <br />he available at the door <br />Thurs. Feb. 28th, 1974 THE POST Page 3 <br />World Day Of Prayer <br />The World Day of Prayer <br />Service will be held in St. <br />Francis de Sales Church, <br />Church Street South, <br />Pickering Village, on Thurs. <br />:Feb. 28th at 7:30 p.m. Guest <br />speaker will be Rev. John <br />Warren, a Basilian Father. <br />Music will be provided by the <br />Travelling Choristers under <br />Visiting <br />Workshop <br />Pickering Senior Citizens <br />are holding a friendly <br />visiting workshop at the <br />Community Centre in <br />Pickering Village from 10 <br />a.m. to 3 p.m. A free lunch <br />will be served. Everyone is <br />welcome. <br />Blood Donor <br />Clinic <br />The Oshawa Branch of the <br />Canadian Red Cross Society <br />is holding a blood donor <br />clinic for area donors at St. <br />Gregory's Parish Hall, <br />Simcoe Street North. All <br />residents in the area are <br />invited to attend. <br />the direction of Roma Page <br />Lynde in one of their few <br />appearances in the Village <br />this year. <br />Following the service coffee <br />will be served in the school <br />auditorium. <br />Everyone is invited to <br />participate in this service <br />and families are especially <br />welcome. <br />/KNIrE <br />N �1 ON <br />1 <br />N` SE <br />TA VE 10 sI <br />HIVEDINING <br />HOUSE <br />TAVERN <br />3155 Eglinton E. <br />( West of Markham Rd.) <br />OWN SPACEOUS <br />PARKING LOT <br />Open7Days <br />11:30 Noon -10 p. m. <br />Phone 261-1594 <br />•000000• <br />110901 <br />FOOD MARKET <br />Hwy. 2 Rouge Hills <br />J%W east of Rouge Bridge <br />SPECIALS <br />Summit 12 flavours to choose from <br />Ice Cream Cave 2W In IpI. 89` <br />Fresh Grade "A" <br />Large Eggs sic stir dos. ]Sc <br />Sliced Rindless <br />Breakfast Bacon S` lb 69C <br />A-1 Red Brand Prime <br />Rib Steaks Ib. $1.49 <br />A-1 Red Brand Fresh <br />Minced Beef 1b- 99C <br />L <br />COMFORT ECONOMY,and-PERFORN ANCE <br />$1499. 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