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P PAGE 6 NEWS ADVERTISER SUNDAY EDITION, March 28,1999 <br />NEWSEditorial &OpiNioNs <br />ADVERTISER M <br />EDITORIAL <br />Durham Region <br />open for business <br />Good things come when public, <br />private sectors <br />work together <br />New jobs. Development and eco- <br />development offices from Pickering to <br />nomic activity. Public and private sec- <br />Bowmanville provide the knowledge <br />for co-operation. <br />and expertise industry and commercial <br />It all adds up for the Town of Whit- <br />enterprises need when determining <br />by and the development company be- <br />where they will locate. <br />hind the new Durham Business Centre <br />Their efforts go largely unnoticed <br />where the first shovel went into the <br />by average taxpayers, but the results <br />ground in the middle of March. <br />are found in improved tax bases, job <br />The 140 -acre site, located west of <br />creation in their communities and ad - <br />Iroquois Park Sports Centre in south <br />ditional opportunities for growth. <br />Whitby, will soon be home to the <br />The lesson here is in the tactile ef- <br />Durham Business Centre's first tenant, <br />forts of Whitby's politicians and eco - <br />Ryder Grocery Services. Ryder will <br />nomic development personnel. By <br />run a 428,000 -square -foot regional <br />helping Nordeagle representatives ne- <br />grocery distribution centre for Sobey's <br />gotiate the intricate planning and ap- <br />Canada. <br />provals process, a good project is off to <br />Up to 400 jobs will be created as <br />a great start, which will surely add up <br />part of the development - jobs that will <br />to good things for the people who live <br />be filled primarily by Durham Region <br />in Durham. <br />residents - but the story behind the <br />But developers, too, must be willing <br />ground -breaking is noteworthy too. <br />to compromise and meet tough devel- <br />Economic development officials <br />opment standards. That has been the <br />worked closely with the property's de- <br />case with Nordeagle and Ryder Gro- <br />veloper. Nordeagle Developments, and <br />eery Services, which is now charging <br />streamlined the approvals process con- <br />ahead with its ambitious plan. <br />siderably to allow that first shovel to <br />Continued co-operation between <br />break ground in the spring, as opposed <br />the public and private sectors, a clear <br />to summer or fall. <br />message that Durham municipalities <br />This Whitby example illustrates to <br />are willing to encourage positive de - <br />companies interested in developing in <br />velopment activity in their communi- <br />Durham - as well as to municipalities <br />ties, and a clear commitment to im- <br />across the region - that public sector <br />proving the tax base combine to create <br />involvement and a willingness to com- <br />a winning mix for the people who live <br />promise can send a clear 'open -for- <br />and work here in Durham Region. <br />business' message. <br />So goes the saying: Build it and <br />The people working in economic <br />they will come. <br />A R. 2 8, 1 9 9_9 <br />LETTERS TO THE EDITOR <br />Tories' stand easements and agricultural prc- <br />on farmland <br />will be telling <br />To the editor: <br />Lorne Almack is, as usual, <br />quite right and has clearly stated <br />the choices which now must be <br />made by the provincial govern- <br />ment in his letter to the editor <br />headlined 'Conservatives not <br />conservationists?' in the Picker- <br />ing News Advertiser March 23 <br />on the matters of conservation <br />Story made jaded J*ournalist's day <br />Adoptive parents, China dolls make world look a little better <br />It's not often a reporter gets to story, their courage in taking an un - <br />feel good about their work. orthodox path to enrich their own <br />Sure, there's a certain satisfaction lives and that of little Meghan, and <br />in doing your best to provide infor- MariallIIe their positive attitude and enthusi- <br />mation about important public issues "► asm about the adoption that so af- <br />and events to readers. But journalists , TBkaCS fected the other couples. But it was <br />spend most of their working days nice to have played just a little role. <br />trying to make heads or tails out ofStag' Writer Now I'm hoping we've played <br />social and political happenings, that little role again by recently pub - <br />wading through various controver- lishing an article about the new <br />sies, and recording the details of the China. I remember little nine-month- adoptive families as Heather Bennett <br />kinds of crimes and personal disas- old Meghan cooing and gurgling and suggested. It's not often you get to <br />ters nobody would wish on their playing contentedly with one of her write about so much sadness - child - <br />worst enemy. It's no wonder journal- tiny pink socks as I interviewed her less parents and abandoned children <br />ists can become negative and cyni- new mother and father, who were - being transformed into so much joy <br />cal. both about as thrilled as could be - parents with children to love and <br />So I really got a kick out of find- about finally becoming parents. be loved by, and children with par- <br />ing out recently that one of the most A few weeks ago Heather phoned ents to love and be loved by. <br />pleasant, happy, good -news stories to ask if we would do another story - Here's hoping their story will in - <br />I've ever done has resulted in even this time about six previously -child- spire others to gather the courage to <br />more good news, and it's at least less couples who had adopted babies do what they did and find the happi- <br />partly because the story was written from China after being inspired to do ness they did. And thanks to the Ben- <br />in the first place. so by my article about the Bennetts. netts, Summerses, Knapps, Seeleys <br />That story published three years Of course, most of the inspiration and Jeromes for telling their stories <br />ago was about Heather and Doug part came from the Bennetts. While I and making the world look like a <br />Bennett, who had just adopted a de- may have written it and the News better place even to a jaded journal- <br />lightful, bouncing baby girl from Advertiser published it, it was their ist. <br />serves. <br />The decision now lies square- <br />ly with the provincial govern- <br />ment. Will the Ontario Realty i <br />Corporation be allowed to con- <br />tinue along its current predatory, <br />pro -development route, or will it <br />be forced by the government to <br />conform with the wishes so <br />clearly expressed by the local <br />communities and municipal gov- <br />ernments? <br />So, MPP Janet Ecker, MPP <br />Chris Hodgson and Premier Mike <br />Harris, where do you stand, and <br />what will you decide? You are <br />obviously not conservationists <br />and anti -Conservatives. Are you <br />simply Conservatives and anti - <br />conservationists? Perhaps, you <br />will agree that the best to be is <br />both Conservative and conserva- <br />tionist. What you do, or do not <br />do, over the next few weeks will <br />be crucial. Your decisions and <br />your actions will let us all know <br />where your priorities lie and how <br />this government is to be assessed <br />when the election bell sounds. <br />Jim Thompson, <br />Wbitevale <br />The News Advertiser accepts let- <br />ters to the editor. All letters should <br />be typed or neatly hand-written, <br />150 words. Each letter must be <br />signed with a first and last name or <br />two initials and a last name. Please <br />include a phone number for verifi- <br />cation. The editor reserves the right <br />to edit copy for style, length and <br />content. Opinions expressed in let- <br />ters are those of the writer and not <br />necessarily those of the News Ad- <br />vertiser. We regret that due to the <br />volume of letters, not all will be <br />printed. <br />Getebra;e the 4uture, <br />DURHAM <br />1 1 7 4 16 1 7 1 9 <br />PICKERING <br />NEWS <br />ADVERTISER <br />A Metroland Community <br />Newspaper <br />Tim Whittaker <br />Publisher <br />Joanne Burghardt <br />Editor -in -Chief <br />Steve Houston <br />Managing Editor <br />Bruce Danford <br />Director of <br />Advertising <br />Duncan Fletcher <br />Retail Advertising <br />Manager <br />Eddie Kolodziejcak <br />Classified Advertising <br />Manager <br />John Willems <br />Real Estate/Automotive <br />Advertising Manager <br />Abe Fakhourie <br />Distribution Manager <br />Lillian Hook <br />Office Manager <br />Barb Harrison <br />Composing ,Manager <br />_N tws <br />(905) 683-5110 <br />Salm <br />(905)683-5110 <br />class fly <br />(905) 683-0707 <br />Distribution <br />(905)683-5117 <br />General Fax <br />(905)683-7363 <br />E -Mail <br />newsroom(.& <br />Web address <br />www.durhamnews_net <br />130 Commercial Ave., <br />Ajax, Ont. 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